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With the assistance of the various stakeholders, permanent conservation of Ondiri is a reality. Furthermore, with the guidelines and support from Kiambu County Government, Water Resource Authority (WRA), Kenya Forest Research Institute (KEFRI), the probability of success is even higher. FOWK has the capacity and the will to conserve Ondiri; to make Ondiri a major revenue earner of Kiambu County Government; and to make Ondiri a major employer of women and the youth. Ondiri has the resources that have not been exploited including: birds, trees, reeds, leisure walks and cultural activities among others. With proper planning, FOWK is sure that Ondiri wetland could also become a first class world eco-tourist destination.

FOWK believes that Kenya must nurture the environment for posterity. This is the only way Kenya can guarantee sustainable development which brings about positive socio-economic change that does not undermine the ecological and social systems upon which communities and societies are dependent.5 Moreover, as Kuki Gallmann has noted, we must ensure "harmonious coexistence of man and the environment through new ways of combining development and conservation." We must strive to make Ondiri Wetland a World Heritage Site and indeed, a protected Site.

Friends of Ondiri Wetland (FOWK) :

This is a communitty based organisation that works towardz the restoration of ondiri wetland to its past glorly .It has started to provide the local community with education on enviroment management,the promotion of indegenius trees and the establishment of sancturies for diffrent animal species and plants.

FOWK plans to make use of the wetlands unexploited resources for the benefit of people and wildlife.It plans to establish various sancturies for diffrent species like the sitatungs,chameleon and other forms of wildlife.It will also establish bird watching,botanical gardens,information and cultural centre,bamboo plantation and other hospitality services. FOWK is also working towards the fencing of the wetland

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Friends of Ondiri Wetland Kenya (FOWK)

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